Why Joe Bonamassa is a Wanker

Guitar pedal users – “fucking lazy.”

The self-proclaimed God of blues guitar has unfortunately struck out against what can only be described as most of his fan base. In a recent interview with Music Radar Joe Boldly stated that he thinks that pedal users are “fucking lazy”. Why? Because he thinks that manipulating sounds through an instrument is “insulting to people that have played for 35 years”. Understandably, there are guitar players which may rely on their vast pedal collections to generate a unique sound, even if their technique isn’t comparable to the wanker in question. And maybe these pedal users “stare at their feet whilst performing” but quite frankly what does it matter? Joe doesn’t have to change his busy schedule of alienating himself from other guitarists to watch these people.

You can read the interview Here.

joe b 2

Also, to put this statement into perspective, some of the biggest and most famous guitar players in history blended their playing with effects pedals to generate revolutionary sounds. Sounds that quite frankly changed the course of history. The perfect example here being the one and only Jimi Hendrix, making the use of the fuzz and wah pedals a stable addition to any effects pedal unit. Another example being Eddie Van Halen, a cult icon and the man responsible for inspiring the most amount of people to pick up an axe and start shredding. Did Van Halen use pedals? You betcha. Most famously the phaser, flange and distortion pedals. Quite honestly I could write examples for days.EVH95C5.jpg

New sounds and ground breaking music is not made by being complacent and not experimenting. The beauty of music can be found through experimentation and creating sounds that could lead music into the future. If you’re a musician, please never look up to people like Bonamassa and play what makes YOU happy no matter your ability. You could be the reason that someone is inspired to play. You could be the future.


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