Under the Microscope with Greywind

As a rule of thumb, I don’t like people who take no toppings on their pizza. I wouldn’t say I don’t trust them, but why, in a world full of every topping you could want, would you stick to cheese and tomato. Thankfully for young Irish sibling duo Greywind, this isn’t the only mould they are breaking (and, unlike their taste in pizza, they definitely are not boring!).

First emerging on the UK scene in April 2016, the pair have gone from strength to strength, cementing their place in the alternative music scene once and for all. Having your first shows supporting Moose Blood at their height is no small order, but as Paul (O’Sullivan, guitarist) tells us: “We probably should have felt pressure but this is all we’ve ever wanted to do so we just enjoyed every second of it”. And there has certainly been lots to enjoy ever since.

The last 18 months have seen the band play in arenas, theatres, festivals large and small and even a church… “Usually when a band plays an album launch show it just takes place in a normal venue so we wanted to do something completely different”. There’s certainly no more haunting an experience than the ambient guitar layers and otherworldly vocal abilities this band achieve, but place them in a church and we find the next level.

Greywind, live at Download Festival 2017

But honestly, the destiny for this band was no secret. In the alternative scene, if you’re working with legendary producer Jason Perry, you’re doing good things. Greywind linked up with Perry for debut release Afterthoughts, heading out to Texas’ Sonic Ranch Studios. “Sonic Ranch was one of Jason’s favourite studios and we always dreamed of recording in America. It all fell into place.”

As Paul tells us that they “were listening to a lot of Thrice, Jimmy Eat World, Caspian and Explosions in the Sky” over the recording process and would “love to work with Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance, one of their favourite bands)”, you start to get a feel for the sound produced. Couple that with a band named after a Game of Thrones character and the charming, antiquated lyrics also seem an obvious connection.

FYI, if you’re listening My Chem, we want you back and these guys supporting you would take the roof off of any venue.

Greywind, live at 1865, Southampton in April 2016 (the bands second ever show)

Female songwriters and artists in the alternative scene are a scarcity that has been regularly reviewed recently. Certainly, this is something the duo are aware of, stating “It’s always been difficult for female fronted bands. In recent times it feels like people are finally starting to take notice and want to change things and it’s still a very slow process but it feels like things will get better.” But honestly, if I had to place some money on a band to inspire young women to make music, Greywind would be right up at the top.

And with a rumoured new tour and album on the horizon, I definitely recommend becoming a fan before everyone else is too. I’ve been blessed with seeing three live performances from these guys and each gets more defined, more elaborate and more awe-inspiring.

The market for music is at its most saturated, and so it can prove difficult for new bands to be heard. Getting above the noise is a skill in itself, but with effortless songwriting and an unmistakable vocal performance, I don’t see Greywind having too much trouble.

Seriously, listen. You owe it to yourself. You’ll thank me. Promise.

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