A Live Take On: Logic

Finally, a Hip Hop artist who doesn’t just rap about money, guns, fame and pussy.

I know what you’re thinking. Who’s this incredibly creative musician that has defiled the values shared by most American rap artists? Well, he goes by the name of Logic and I was lucky enough to witness his incredible sold out show in the Brixton O2 Academy on Halloween.

At first I had my doubts. I’d never actively listened to Logic before the gig and I questioned whether he was just making his way onto the global top 50 with lyrical content that most adolescent teenagers that play too much GTA could create. The music then declared its start with an unforgiving bass note and was quickly followed with the brash entrance of the man whose name everyone was chanting. Here we go.


“What are my three values everyone? That’s right. Peace, love and positivity.”

Surely I misheard. “Everyone say it. Peace, love and positivity.” At this second I knew that my preconceptions were false. The lyrics that followed weren’t about fucking models and getting really high and splashing back pocket change on private jets. They had meaning and passion. They spoke of real world social issues and the struggles associated with them. All of this accompanied by Logic’s larger than life stage presence and personality should be the real recipe for success. Not the kind of success that is a big fat pay cheque at the end of every half arsed performance. This was a real performance.

One of the unique selling points that Logic had to offer over the night were his protests. First against Hollywood hip hop rappers casting him, his dream and people that they generally see as beneath them aside. Then the protest against Trump and building his Mexican repelling wall. All of which the audience got really riled up about too. And finally his protest against people living their life through a mobile phone, especially during a live concert. Which leads me to the worst part of the night. The fucking audience. More precisely, the group of people stood directly in front of me.

It was approaching the end of the gig and Logic requested that the very phone happy audience put their cameras down for the next song so that everyone could share a ‘special moment’ which would be individual to all of us. As the song started, a slightly drunk, deluded narcissist stood right in front of me and purposefully pulled out her phone and filmed herself. Yes, that’s correct. Herself. After the request from the artist, not only did she film herself basically having an exorcism to the music, she also complained to a member of security about the couple the row in front of her kissing each other. Surely a very reasonable thing to happen at a gig based on peace, love and positivity?

It didn’t stop there. What also really bothered me was how dismissive people were. When it appeared that Logic had maybe finished his performance, people charged towards the door as if being they were being pursued by the zombie apocalypse. Not one person on the upper tier waited and chanted in hopes that Logic would come out and perform an encore, they just bolted. After all the energy that he poured into us, it was awful to watch. But, jokes on those arseholes who couldn’t get back to their seats and watch as the man of the hour charged back on stage to finish his explosive set.



















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