The Neighbourhood Weekender (of men)

From the desk of the Cold Turkey editors

If you haven’t noticed the glaring lack of female presence in UK festival line-ups in recent years here’s another one for you. Top male wankers of the airwaves, Radio X, have curated a weekend sausage fest and boy is it packing meat.

  • A live music event has six cities mentioned on its poster: Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Crewe, Preston and Chester. Guess the genre.
  • On Twitter, Radio X fans lavish praise on the magnificently male-dominated Neighbourhood Weekender line up but dish dirt on the ticket price tag.
  • What better place to hold this festival of landfill indie than the landfill centre of the UK, Warrington.
  • Take all the male artists away and this is left looking like a sorry eye chart, all that remains is that token last line that no fucker can read anyway.


A festival organised by men for men and featuring (mostly) only men that is reminiscent of the annual Battle of the Bands from the organisers’ all-boys schools.

In 2015 FasterLouder asked; Does it matter that there are so few female headliners on music festival lineups?

According to purveyors of finest meat to the blahs, Radio X, apparently not.

Gender Bias

Do you think the organisers saw the name Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and thought, that’s that covered then?

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